Discipleship and Spiritual Formation courses are of general interest to church planters, pastors and others interested in helping those they are discipling to grow in the elements of their faith, such as prayer, spiritual disciplines, basic bible study and sharing faith.

Many new believers, and also some more seasoned ones, don't have a clear, biblical understanding of prayer.  They know they should do it.  They participate when they're asked to say prayers in church or other group contexts.  They often tell their friends and colleagues "I'll pray for you."  But the expectation of faith, the promise-based understanding of what they are doing when they pray, isn't there.  This course has a fourfold purpose:

  1. To encourage Christians to pray - to pray first, before doing anything else.
  2. To sharpen the focus of our prayers - to know very well what we can pray for and how we can do it.
  3. To have confidence, that where, in the past, we might have said, "I'll pray for you," now we can say with certainty, "Let's pray right now!"
  4. To develop a personal, biblical theology of prayer and be able to discuss it with others in a logical, practical way.