Understanding the Supernatural Worldview of the OT is a Reading and Response course for anyone wishing to delve deeper into the worldview from which Old Testament authors wrote.  

The textbook for our discussion, The Unseen Realm: Restoring The Supernatural Worldview of the Bible, by Dr. Michael Heiser, argues that we must approach biblical topics such as this with a clear understanding of the worldview of the people who wrote them. Otherwise passages such as Psalm 82, Deuteronomy 32:8-9 and many others will never make any sense.  "People shouldn’t be protected from their Bible,” says the text, but many modern theological systems attempt to do just that, by “explaining away” difficult or troublesome passages of Scripture in order to maintain uniformity with their preconceived theological system or doctrinal framework.  

Michael Heiser is a scholar of no mean credentials (see Biographical Sketch) and his work comprises much of the most recent and best scholarship in archaeology, philology, theology, biblical languages and many other relevant disciplines.  In this reading and response course, as Dr. Heiser carefully and systematically lays out his biblical-theological approach to the scriptures, we'll discover what it means to read the Old Testament within the context of its ancient Hebrew writers.  This course is not for beginners.  Heiser's text is heavily footnoted and requires the background of a thorough reading of the entire Bible.