This is a course in the basic concepts, terminology and historical progression of theology since the time of the earliest church.

This short course examines critical issues that affect the church and current believers, and pose a danger to single-minded pursuit of personal discipleship.  Such issues have existed in every age and each of them tends to derail believers and lure them away from the focus and determination they need to pursue godliness and a life worthy of the gospel. 

This course centers on practical aspects of developing a theology within the parameters of orthodox Christian biblical teaching, that makes personal sense, is easy to articulate and is transmissible to others.  The goal is to clearly understand what we believe as a Christian and be able to share that truth, along with our own shades and nuances, in a clear and credible manner.

Understanding the Supernatural Worldview of the OT is a Reading and Response course for anyone wishing to delve deeper into the worldview behind the Old Testament to understand more clearly God's purposes in the world.

This course examines the major historical theories of the Atonement of Christ developed over the centuries in Christian theology, each offering a unique perspective on the meaning and significance of Jesus' incarnation, death, resurrection, and ascension. 

This short course centers on an historical and theological examination of the Lord's Supper as it has been taught, thought of and practiced throughout history.

This course provides a theological and historical survey of the attitudes, practices and theological views of prayer throughout Christian history.

This course provides a theological and historical overview of the attitudes toward and practices associated with spiritual warfare throughout the centuries since Christ, along with the theological emphases of each.

This course is an historical and theological view of revival as it has been sought after, participated in and understood throughout Christian history.