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Success in the face of current economic challenges in healthcare demands that front line healthcare leaders develop a unique skill-set enabling them to drive measurable improvement against published standards. The ability to influence change has always been central to the success of any healthcare endeavor and more so in the current environment.  Now leadership and management structures must also change to accommodate this new reality.

The Department Supervisor Role is an advanced front line nursing leadership position with higher accountability and a deeper, more intensive leadership focus than traditional nursing unit leadership or charge positions of the past.  The Department Supervisor functions within the nursing unit as role model, liaison, and resource person, maximizing the skills and strengths of staff through delegation, prioritizing and coordinating assignments and team decision-making.  The overall goal of a Department Supervisor, through intelligently managing change, representing unwavering commitment to personal growth and professional development, is to build within the nursing unit a core culture of accountability, responsibility and excellence in patient care.